Forget Omni-Channel; It’s the Omni-Experience that counts


Omni-ExperienceLike many marketing buzzwords, the term ‘Omni-Channel’ has become the latest iteration of our ever-evolving industry, succeeding CRM and marketing automation. But few brands in today’s competitive market have a true understanding of what that really means, and even fewer are delivering a truly omni-channel service to their customers.

The cost of investment in technology, the disconnect between marketing and IT departments and the rigid operational structure of a business can all have an impact on a brand’s ability to deliver omni-channel successfully.

But do brands actually need to deliver it at all? And if they do, is it an achievable goal for today’s retailers, or little more than a fool’s paradise?

Download our Whitepaper – Forget Omni-Channel; It’s the Omni-Experience that counts – to find out more.

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