High street jewellers, Goldsmiths, wanted to define which customers better respond to communications to help them drive sales over the Christmas period.

The challenge

Goldsmiths were aware that communications didn’t always drive purchases from all their customers. Knowing that marketing and communicating to the right clients is key for business success, Goldsmiths wanted to better target their communications by defining the best audience to receive them.

Our approach

Blueberry Wave built a propensity model, to mail customers to drive purchase over the Christmas period. The model was based on data that looked at three years of customer transactions and behaviours.

Post campaign, we analysed the results to see if the model was successful in targeting the customers who we believed were most likely to respond.

The results

Customer responsiveness was highest for those customer groups that the propensity model ranked highest. As a result, Goldsmiths now know which customers to target with communications in the future.

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