Hammerson, Kudos

Delivering a more compelling shopping and digital experience was key to retail centre giants, Hammerson. They wanted to combine insight and technology to enhance shoppers’ visits and increase loyalty.

The challenge

Hammerson wanted an app that would make shopping at their centres more enjoyable – and profitable for the retail stores based there. The complexities of multiple feeds of data and practicalities of the technology proved difficult to implement for the group, so they approached Blueberry Wave for help.

Our approach

Blueberry Wave designed an app that accommodated all data feeds from the Hammerson SCV, its loyalty programme, transactional platforms and the app itself. We also supported the development and hosting of the app. The finalised product now delivers real-time tailored content, as a customer needs it.

The results

Users are engaging with the app in Hammerson shopping centres. It’s helping to drive sales and enhance the shopper experience as shoppers receive information and offers to their phone, as and when they walk around the mall. Users are also able to get the most out of the app by tailoring it to their preferences.

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