The coffee brand wanted to gain key insights into their customers’ coffee needs – helping them to understand the best ways in which to market to them.

The challenge

With a lack of data on their customers’ habits and needs, Nescafé struggled to market the right products at the right times. Better insight would not only help their marketing efforts, it would also help Nestlé build a stronger relationship with customers.

Our approach

Blueberry Wave developed the Nescafé Pick Me Ups scheme and ran, managed and maintained the scheme. The programme offered consumers a variety of rewards by redeeming tokens found on their coffee jar. It provided key insights into target consumers – detailing their coffee consumption, attitudes and brand loyalty.

The results

Since managing the scheme, the number of redemptions increased by 38% and the number of collectors of the tokens went up by 221%. The data strategy we used for Nescafé also won gold at 2007’s Data Strategy Awards.

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