As the leading provider of workspace solutions, Regus knew that for business success they had ensure that all customers prospects received relevant, timely emails according to their needs.

The challenge

With Regus, providing leading workplace solutions to multiple countries they faced a real CRM challenge. They had huge volumes of data to deal with, unsuitable systems for analysing the volumes of data and required all communications to be broadcast in 45 languages.

Our approach

Blueberry Wave took customer and prospect data from 120 countries and implemented a multifaceted solution to address the challenges Regus were facing. With use of a number of look up tables and by implementing rules into a SCV database, we made marketing messages for individual countries easy. We also linked the enquiry and sales systems, helping Regus to accurately measure the rate of enquiry to conversion.

With our deduplication features, sales and marketing teams were also able to identify, segment and accurately market to new companies – something they had difficulty doing previously.

The results

Our combined techniques have enabled Regus to better understand their customers and build deeper, more valuable customer relationships.

Blueberry Wave’s platform has provided Regus with an incremental sales uplift of £26 per marketed contact.

“Blueberry Wave make it their business to understand your business’ goals; and with a flexibility which is very refreshing and somewhat rare. They have played a significant role in taking Regus’ CRM approach from a simplistic tactical vehicle to an automated, data-driven strategy.

“I have no hesitation in recommending ‘The Blueberries’ – I’ve worked with them in different roles over the last 5+ years – and put simply, they just get it. They’re passionate about what they do; fully engaged with our business challenges and are a key partner in supporting our future growth.”

Dan Mottram
Group CRM Director, Regus

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