Turtle Mat

With mail orders falling for washable doormat company Turtle Mat, the business needed to adapt cost-efficient methods to ensure they focused their marketing energies on high value customers.

The challenge

Seasonal catalogue mailings are an essential sales driver for TurtleMat and over recent years response levels had fallen across customer and enquirer sectors. In addition to this, restriction in marketing budgets meant that fewer mailing volumes would be possible – so it was important to target the mailings at high value customers only.

Our approach

Blueberry Wave developed a response model to identify the groups of customers and prospects who were most likely to purchase and have a high order value. This would help to reverse the overall decline and generate a high level of revenue against a decrease in spend.

The results

Twelve groups of prospects were identified as being significantly more likely to respond, with up to 7x likelihood compared to an average customer.

Through limiting mailing to the prospects we saw all key metrics dramatically improved, including the overall response rate, total orders and average order- helping TurtleMat exceed targets.

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