Customer Segmentation Services

Segmentation gives you a powerful measurement of performance. It enables you to see the growth of your segments and measure the performance of your products, your communications and your business.

Only a percentage of the general population will buy your products or use your services, so the more accurately you can focus on them, the less your efforts will be wasted. It is a good idea not to aim too widely with your targets, to avoid spreading your resources too thinly.

We segment your customers to determine different groups with different profit potential – and consequently the cost and revenue impact of serving each segment.

Blueberry Wave will sort your customers into groups. This will help understand what your customers really want and what you can offer them. It also explains how grouping customers into market segments is a good foundation for winning and keeping profitable customers.

By analysing each segment’s behaviour, you’ll be able to:

  • Target each segment in the best way
  • Use your resources appropriately
  • Create customer centricity within the organisation
  • Make justified product buying and commercial decisions

Less risk and more profit for your business

We use a variety of analytics to segment your customers depending on your requirements. The first of these puts customers into simple groups based on matching behaviours – for example, all customers whose average order is under £50 and haven’t bought for more than a year. The second of these, the complex way, mathematically clusters groups of customers and enables all the data elements to drive the groupings.

Our segmentation will help you to retain your customers, have better communications with each and every one of your customers and increase your profitability. By learning the best segments to target, your business will be able to benefit from better marketing strategies and consequently higher profitability.

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