Mapping Customers Insights

Where your customers are and how many there are within your business territory is key to delivering success.

All great marketing starts with deep understanding of your potential clients. What they need and want. What’s important to them, their goals and aspirations; their day-to-day problems, their fears.

Of course, building that deep understanding isn’t easy. Most of us have a mass of data about our customers – but not necessarily much insight.

Blueberry Wave’s mapping insights answer key geographic questions that make an impact on your profitability.

For example:

  • Is my store failing because the right customers don’t live around it, or because competitors are situated too close?
  • Have I sited an outlet in the wrong area or am I failing to convert the good prospects in the locality?

Mapping helps you to understand where your customers are, the potential for an area and your penetration into that market, as well as how best to reach your prospects by marketing communications and sales/field teams.

Using geography to drive your business forward

At Blueberry Wave, we use geography and drive times to understand customer proximity to stores and look at the bearing this has on customer behaviours. This helps us to identify clusters of customers and how to best reach your prospects through marketing communications and sales/field teams:

  • Are you stocking the right products in your stores based on local market demography and penetration?
  • Are you selecting the relevant media in the most cost-effective way to reach customers?
  • Should you choose to use inserts or door drops? What is your likely coverage versus wastage?

Blueberry Wave answers these questions using our specialist mapping techniques. The application of our mapping supports the creation of marketing plans, establishing KPIs and highlights the operational needs. It helps ensure that you find and engage your target market in the right way. Those who are locating businesses and selling goods will also gain better insights to ensure maximum profitability for your business.

Like all types of segmentation, mapping helps you to better match your customer needs, offers better opportunities for growth, allows more effective promotion to customers and helps your business to gain a higher market share.

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