Database Profiling

Knowing the right customers to target helps you to get the results you want: greater return on marketing investment. Whether tactical messaging or new product launch, our profiling will find those most likely to buy – saving you time, money and resources.

Do you need Database Profiling?

Your customer data is more valuable than you think. What’s your most important asset? Where have you invested most of your time and energy? For successful businesses, the answer is clear: customers.

Database profiling helps your business by finding customers with the same profile as the ones you already have. Database profiling creates individual, sub-segmented databases to target marketing efforts and personalise messaging.

Dust off the cobwebs and tap into your most prized resource, your database – rather than buying lists and using common “shot-gun” marketing approaches.

Reap benefits from your data

Establishing a customer profile gives you the information you need to generate business from both existing and new customers. It helps your business to fully understand its customer set – they key behind sales success. Understanding your customers, will make it easier to spot opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. Your customer profile can also be further analysed through segmentation, to make sure that each customer gets the relevant marketing message at the right time.

To ensure your marketing is at its optimum, we paint a picture of your ideal prospect by evaluating your marketing database. We look for trends using both your existing data and variables on prospect market files and then identify your ideal prospects. We also help you find more like them from the best B2B and B2C sources in the market – increasing your net of potential customers.

Once we’ve identified your target market, we deliver demographics and insight, advising on strategies to engage each segment.

From database profiling, we can run analysis that will enable you to increase the returns from your direct marketing and set up a cost effective marketing strategy that really works.

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