Consumer And Business Name & Address Processing

To market to your customers you need to be able to reach them. At blueberrywave, we work with your data to extract the maximum information with the upmost accuracy – ensuring your business has the best possible chance to make an impact.

Data processing and data management are critical components of business organisations. The goal of our data processing activities is to turn a vast collection of facts into meaningful nuggets of information that can then be used for informed decision-making, corporate strategy and other managerial functions.

It is important to organise data to reflect business operations and practices. As such, careful consideration should be given to content, access, logical structure, and physical organisation. Content refers to what data are going to be collected. Access refers to the users that data are provided to when appropriate. Logical structure refers to how the data will be arranged. Physical structure refers to where the data will be located.

Our processes and in-house software have been refined over many years to accept data in every format and in every level of quality, ensuring that all clients benefit from this service. Our specialist software, developed in-house, ensures maximum deliverability and accuracy of your data across each and every communication channel, including email, post, or phone. We reorganise a huge range of reference data and logic including name, address and contact data, and put this into a consistent format, which is then validated to ensure accuracy. We also enhance what you already have to derive additional data, helping to build even better and more accurate marketing models.

This service can be carried out on consumer and business data, both UK and International.

It’s our detailed, meticulous approach that allows us to add real value to your data and records. It allows us to create a bespoke deduplication process to match and merge records into typical consumer levels or business levels. In turn, we’re able to provide you with data that makes a difference.

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