Online Reporting & KPI Dashboard Reporting

The key reason to collect data is to make better business decisions; decisions that increase profitability and enhance your relationship with customers. To help you make these decisions, an everyday management reporting tool is essential – simplifying complex data analysis into manageable, digestible chunks of information.

So how can key performance indicators (KPIs) improve your business?

KPIs can help you evaluate your company’s performance and measure progress toward goals and strategies. This data is even more accessible using KPI dashboard software.

Do you need an Online KPI Dashboard?

At Blueberry Wave, we’ve developed an online KPI dashboard tool that can report on your business operations, marketing activity and campaigns. What’s more, the state of the art business intelligence software presents the key findings in a highly visual, dynamic and interactive way – making the task of extracting valuable data easy. Our reporting tool has a number of different visualisation controls, meaning you always have the right data visualisation for the information you want to display.

Your objectives become our objectives. More than software, we are data experts. From management backgrounds we understand the power of data and the difference it can make to critical decision-making. We focus entirely on your specific objectives from set up to maintenance to achieving results.

Inform your business with powerful data analytics

Blueberry Wave’s KPI dashboard reporting solutions are delivered securely online through a web browser, where data and graphics can be seamlessly extracted and copied to desktop Office tools. This ensures ease of use across your business and means that integration won’t have to be a hassle.

The tools also save your business time. Instead of spending hours collating reports and analytics, our easy-to-use KPI dashboard will display all your critical information on just one screen. You’ll be able to quickly identify and apply all the information required to make the right business decisions – addressing the negative trends and leveraging the positive.

What’s more, dissemination of information can be fully tailored to different user groups with a very low cost per user, maximising the potential to reach the greatest audience.

Our solutions deliver dashboards covering a diverse range of analysis – from complex real time basket analysis consuming billions of transactions for retailers with hundreds of users, to campaign response and ROI tracking, to Social Media listening and more.

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