Keen to drive their business forward, Aurum, the largest prestige and luxury jewellers in the UK, required a better understanding of their customer needs and motivations.

The challenge

Like most businesses, Aurum were looking for ways to enhance their efficiency and profitability through better marketing, stock planning and buying processes. To do this, they required knowledge to enable them to drive their business forward.

Our approach

Through data driven insight, Blueberry Wave provided Aurum with a customer segmentation, enhanced by a financial demography tool. The business was able to use this to identify high value customers and mid value customers who shop frequently. They were able to understand their market strength product areas and provide a strategy in order for the brands to develop their growth area of gems.

The results

Aurum’s newfound knowledge was rolled out to all areas of the business, including stock planning and buying, one-2-one relationship management and store planning. Aurum now have an on-going indication of the businesses’ performance against targets for key customer groups and have better knowledge of what customers are doing in other retail environments.

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