GDPR: The ‘Triple A’ Roadmap

3 Stage Process

Two leading experts in data management:

Blueberry Wave, with unrivalled knowledge of customer database management gained over 17 years of managing our clients customer databases and managing their communications.


Opt-4, one of the UK’s most recognised experts in the field of GDPR compliance, have teamed up to create the ‘Triple A’ Roadmap, designed to help organisations Audit their current data protection status, Assess the changes that will need to be made for GDPR compliance and draw-up a comprehensive Action plan.


How ready are you?

Our comprehensive audit checklist, designed specifically to assess readiness for GDPR, will be used as a basis for the initial review: Current data collection processes and procedures and consent management/privacy policies, data sharing, location of all the customer data storage and data flows, data usage across current marketing channels, what profiling if any is engaged and are your suppliers compliant?


Understand your exposure

Using the information collected during the audit phase, we will provide a detailed written report that identifies and prioritises the issues and risks for your business, that need to be addressed in order to meet GDPR compliance. Using a simple traffic light system, the assessment will cover every aspects of the new regulations and how they will impact on your business.

Not only will we cover core data issues such as consent, security, data sharing and the impact on your database, but we will also consider factors such as internal barriers to compliance success, process improvements and costs/resource to implement as well as external factors such as the readiness of your suppliers.


Minimise the risk

Based on a detailed understanding of your business and associated strategies gained through the audit phase, and using the Assessment as the blueprint, we will develop a “Roadmap to compliance” tailored specifically to your business. Covering the time between now and May 2018 and beyond, we will provide a step by step action plan with identified key deliverables covering every aspect of the GDPR requirements, ensuring your business is compliant and minimising any potential risks.

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