Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

To make an impression on your customers, you’ll not only need number crunching statistics but also the rich insights gained through qualitative data.

While quantitative research highlights areas of further investigation, qualitative research allows you to research these areas even further, or sets the parameters for your quantitative research.

Quantitative research is more about answering the ‘What?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, ‘Which?’ and, to some extent, the ‘How?’ questions that brand and business owners face.

Qualitative research, by contrast, seeks to explore the ‘Whys?’ that typically are manifested in the various behaviours we can measure through quantitative market research approaches.

The marriage of quantitative research and qualitative research is a powerful approach, making your research findings that much more robust. It gives a better understanding of your consumer and more confidence in your results. It gives depth and clarity, allowing you to develop effective communications.

Gain a better understanding of your customers

Qualitative research uncovers the real, ambient issues in the market or in the consumers’ minds, so that when we move into the quantitative phase, we are using the language of the consumer and exploring the correct issues. It helps to uncover the nirvana of the data world – attitudinal and emotional data and drivers – giving you the knowledge you need for business growth.

One of our strengths is our ability to provide seamless integrated research solutions. We often weave consumer insights from our qualitative work together with ‘hard’ data from our quantitative work to provide holistic joined-up research stories.

Blueberry Wave also collects that data for you. We take a pragmatic approach and develop the appropriate methodologies to gather the data you need.

We don’t just create surveys, identify research locations and run the groups; we also dissect all the findings for you, giving you one of the most powerful tools for your business: knowledge.

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